Social media and content creation

the social ‘fluff’

A great marketer (Seth Godin) once said, ‘have a good story and make it easy for people to tell their friends’. Seth was well ahead of the game, he said this way back in the noughties before mainstream social media took off. In essence he is still right. Social marketing attempts to harness the powerful and tough to control ‘viral market’.

Like many other businesses, our partners have often come to us and said ‘we know we need to do ‘more Facebook type stuff’ but we’re not sure how or why!’.

That’s where we come in. First, we can help you to create your social profiles and give them a look and feel which is consistent with your brand. Second, we can help to get your social buzz off the ground by crowd sourcing to grow your followers and by creating content around your business and its fit with the latest trends and news in order to build engagement.

We can also advise on pay-per-click social advertising and help you to deliver some quick wins through low cost advertising.

More than all that, we can provide support and training to your staff in order that they can deliver social media themselves thereby lowering your costs.

  • Social profile set-up and management

  • Twitter and Facebook content

  • Crowd sourcing

  • Content creation

  • Staff coaching and training

  • Facebook advertising management